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By Prism Embroidery

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The A25UK Trophy & Raffle

With DX Covers, Radio Dust Covers

DX Covers is a product range of Prism Embroidery.

During our stay in Botswana we will be running a competition with prizes to be won.  To enter this competition all you have to do is contact us.  The more times you contact us the more raffle tickets you will earn.  For each slot you contact us on you will obtain a single ticket. The maximum number of slots available is 25, which means you will have to work us on CW, SSB and DATA on all bands from 160M to 10M.


There is a Facebook MULTIPLIER available.

To obtain this multiplier Like and Share this post and Like DXCovers Facebook page. Remember to add your call sign in the comments. Only after you have done this will you obtain the multiplier.

The Facebook multiplier will expire one week after we return to the UK.

Example of how the  prize draw will work

If you work A25UK on 20m CW, SSB and RTTY you will entered 3 times in to the raffle draw.

If you also Like DX Covers Facebook page and like and share this post you will be given the multiplier, so your 3 raffle tickets now become 6.

Total available tickets via band slots is 25 with one Facebook multiplier which means you have a total of 50 raffle tickets maximum.


The first 2 prizes will be drawn at random and finaly the highest Club Log ranked entry. All will be contacted via email or Facebook. (Please ensure your QRZ page holds a valid email address or you will be messaged via  Facebook.)

1st Prize A25UK Fleece with your name and Call Sign embroidered (Chosen at Random)

2nd A25UK Polo Shirt with name and Call Sign embroidered (Chosen at Random)

3rd A25UK Polo Shirt with name and Call sign embroidered (highest ranked In Club Log)

Raffle will be drawn 2 weeks after the Facebook multiplier has closed. (3 weeks upon our return)

Prizes will be awarded by the A25UK Team at Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Fair. (July 2017) .  If you are unable to attend this event, please contact us.

Prism Embroidery reserve the right to make changes and withdraw this award.

Proposed operating frequencies

1,833 up1,846 up
80M3,526 up3,776 up 3,586 up
40M7,026 up7,096 up7,046 up
30M10,106 up 10,136 up
20M14,026 up14,196 up14,086 up
17M18,086 up18,146 up18,096 up
15M21,026 up21,276 up21,086 up
12M24,896 up24,956 up24,916 up
10M28,026 up28,466 up28,086up

Clublog Log Search

If you beleve you have a busted call sign please contact our QSL manager Charles M0OXO